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Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy Monitoring & Enforcement

In today’s business environment nothing is more relevant or damaging to a company’s brand and products than the proliferation of online retailing and the compounding issue of downward pressure on advertised prices. Brands are losing millions of dollars in equity and value everyday as advertised prices are pushed lower and existing sales channels are divesting from product lines that don’t protect their interests.

Minimum advertised pricing (MAP) is the most important tool that manufacturers use to ensure that channels are not advertising pricing that is detrimental to a company’s brands. The Brand Protection Agency partners with companies to help establish, monitor, and enforce MAP policies that help a company and its brands meet its goals. After a MAP policy is established, the real work begins. Effectively monitoring and enforcing a MAP policy is the difference between ‘Corporate Speak’ and preserving and growing the value of a brand.

Enforcing a MAP on your own is a risky and expensive undertaking. Countless companies have tried to enforce a MAP policy on their own, only to end up losing large amounts of money through litigation or ineffective employee efforts. Partnering with BPA is a cost-effective way to implement, monitor and enforce your MAP policy. Our consolidated expertise and resources ensure that you can protect your brand effectively and quickly.

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